The BCLTA, founded in 1977, represents the boards and trustees that govern local public libraries in British Columbia. We represent 71 library boards and more than 700 library trustees who volunteer their time to oversee the successful operations of public libraries throughout the province.

Our mission is “to support and represent trustees in advancing public libraries,” and in doing so, we are connecting with trustees and boards and working to build a learning and advocacy network among trustees and boards.

BCLTA also fills an important strategic role, providing organized representation to the provincial government and to other influential and decision making bodies on behalf of library trustees. We undertake ongoing advocacy work to raise the profile of, and resolve the issues facing, public libraries across British Columbia.

Our Vision

Vital to library trustees

Our Mission

To support and represent trustees in advancing public libraries

Member Services

BCLTA member services such as the Trustee Orientation Program and the website will be undergoing a review, rethink, and refresh during 2017. Please contact the ED at to find out more and to inform the shape of these services.

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BCLTA   Strategic Action Plan 2016 – 2018

(PDF for downloading and printing)

Strategic Focus #1:  Advocate on Behalf of Public Libraries

Goal: Ensure public libraries in BC thrive.

Being informed by membership needs and issues

Representing the membership in partnerships that deliver successful public library initiatives

Meeting with government ministries and officials to discuss the role, value and issues facing public libraries

Collaborating with other organizations to strengthen public library advocacy and influence

Communicating timely and meaningful information

Strategic Focus #2:  Support Trustees

Goal: Enhance trustee effectiveness.

Understanding trustee needs, including unique needs specific to some, such as regional library trustees

Providing trustees with tools, training and information

Focusing on governance, financial oversight, strategic planning and advocacy

Designing, in consultation with trustees and partner organizations, trustee needs assessments and development strategies

Strengthening core services such as TOP and the annual conference

Strategic Focus #3:  Strengthen BCLTA Organizational Effectiveness

Goal: Strengthen and develop internal organizational capacity.

Enhancing Board effectiveness and engagement

Strengthening policies and process

Recruiting and active Board succession planning

Ensuring financial capacity for strategic growth

Demonstrating value to our members

Building membership relations that are about sharing information, encouraging dialogue and supporting conversations that make a difference to trustees