Trustee Education

BCLTA provides publications, workshops and resources for the continuing education and support of library trustees in British Columbia.

BCLTA is committed to supporting trustees in their board work and as such commissioned, with funding from the Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education, an investigation into trustee learning and development. The resulting report and recommendations are the work of an external consultant and present what has been learned by BCLTA. BCLTA will consider the recommendations and will work with trustees, library partners, the Libraries Branch and other stakeholders to continue to support trustee learning and development. 

The Trustee Learning and Development Project: Report and Framework  (December 2016; Updated April 2017)

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Trustee Orientation Program (TOP)

This informative interactive workshop is a comprehensive look at the roles and responsibilities of library trustees in British Columbia. The program is driven by experienced trainers who deliver sessions throughout BC. We invite all trustees to find out more about this useful program:

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BCLTA also offers companion publications to its course offerings on a cost-recovery basis:

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