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2017 Annual General Meeting

All members are invited to participate in the AGM and conference registration is not required for the AGM.

The AGM will take place at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront on April 22nd starting at 8am and remote access will be arranged.

There will be onsite registration for the AGM.

Please let us know by April 3rd if you are attending the AGM in person and require ASL interpretation. 

Please let us know by April 3rd if you wish to attend the AGM remotely so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. 

The AGM package, including an agenda and the resolutions, will be posted on the BCLTA website by March 21, 2017. The reviewed financial statements will be provided at the AGM. 

2017 BCLTA AGM Agenda

2016 BCLTA AGM Draft Minutes

Resolution on the Rights of Transgender, Gender Variant, and Two-Spirited People

2016/17 BCLTA Annual Report 

BCLTA budget for the year ending January 31, 2018


2017 Candidates


Jerrilyn Schembri


Arseny Shchedrinskiy


Melanie Wilke


Roberta Burris

Nominate or be Nominated for the BCLTA Board of Directors!

The following positions are vacant for the 2017 BCLTA election. The terms of office are 2 years.

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Director – 4 vacancies


  • As the only organization specifically for public library trustees and boards, we advance public libraries and the work of public library boards across the province
  • We oversee an association with solid membership support, skilled and committed staff, and strong partnerships.
  • We are effective. 2016 was a successful year in implementing our 2016-2018 strategic action plan and we are on track for accomplishing even more for our membership in 2017.
  • This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your community leadership and library board skills as well as the reputation and impact of your library.
    • Directorship of a provincial association established under the Societies Act.
    • Developing a province-wide understanding of public library governance, funding, strategic directions, and advocacy.
    • Working in strong partnerships with ABCPLD, BCLA, and other stakeholders on initiatives such as conferences, ministry meetings, UBCM trade show, and advocacy campaigns.
    • Initiating and contributing to provincial initiatives in coordination with the Libraries Branch which is responsible for the oversight of the Library Act, while BCLTA is uniquely responsible for representing and supporting boards established by the Library Act.

Do you, or a trustee you know, have what BCLTA needs?

You must have a commitment to BCLTA and the membership we serve.

This means you are:

  • Eager to connect with board chairs and trustees and develop your understanding of trustee experience and needs throughout the province.
  • Knowledgeable and positive about the mandate, work, and potential of BCLTA.
  • Prepared to champion and represent BCLTA and our membership to government officials, key stakeholders and funders.
  • Friendly and will jump at the chance to network and pro-actively represent BCLTA at receptions, meetings, and other events.

While all board work is important, it would be super helpful for BCLTA if you have expertise in, or excitement about:


  • Budget development and oversight
  • Funding and resource development, including experience with grant writing.
  • The fiduciary responsibility of boards and supporting effective governance through financial oversight.


  • Expanding and strengthening the BCLA network, partnerships, and community engagement.
  • Drafting letters, position papers, and consultation submissions.
  • Knowing how public policy is developed, influenced, and executed.

Please use the BCLTA nomination form.


Resolutions received will be posted here on March 21st.

Special resolutions are to be received by February 5, 2017. Please send resolutions to the ED at execdir@bclta.ca, Attn: BCLTA Resolutions Committee.

Ordinary resolutions are to be received by February 20, 2017. Please send resolutions to the ED at execdir@bclta.ca, Attn: BCLTA Resolutions Committee.

The Resolutions Committee members are Donna Macdonald (BCLTA President) Kyla Epstein (BCLTA Director) and Mike Gagel (BCLTA Director).

If you find samples helpful, we suggest this one from ALA

Please include the following when submitting a resolution and be brief.

1. Resolution Title

2. Reason for Resolution.

3. Any known impact, risk, or fiscal and policy implications.

4. Resolution history – if any.

5. The Resolution:

  1. Proposal – the ‘Whereas’ clauses
  2. Resolution or Action – the ‘Resolved’ lines

6. Moved by

  • Name
  • Name of public library board
  • Telephone
  • Email

7. Seconded by

  • Name
  • Name of public library board name
  • Telephone
  • Email

 Please contact Barbara Kelly, the Executive Director with any AGM questions or needs.  execdir@bclta.ca


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