2019 Trustee & Library Director Social

BCLTA Friday Evening Social

There will be a BCLTA social beginning at 6pm. We are still scouting for the perfect location, at or near the conference hotel, so please check back!

This is a casual event for library trustees and library directors to connect with each other without meeting agendas, but with lots of library and community talk!

All trustees and library directors are invited to this social, regardless of attendance to the May 11 Summit. Let’s connect and celebrate the public library leadership of trustees and library directors.

Details are:

  • Friday, May 10th
  • Venue TDB in or near the conference hotel.
  • Please rsvp at execdir@bclta.ca by May 8th, so that we have approximate numbers for the reservation.
  • BCLTA will host with appetizers.
  • Your drinks and any other menu items will require your individual payment.

Email the BCLTA Executive Director with any questions or comments.