Response: Gord Johns, M.P. (NDP) Courtenay-Alberni

Dear Mike,
Thank you for contacting us regarding the changes to the Broadcasting Act. Bill C-10 is flawed and is causing too much concern among many Canadians who fear C-10 will infringe on freedom of speech.
The NDP has always defended the fundamental principle of free speech and continues to do so as we work to improve this bill. 
New Democrats want to see a bill that supports and encourages Canadian content, holds web giants accountable and ensures they pay their fair share, and protects the freedoms that people across Canada currently enjoy.
Many of us are increasingly concerned about the power of the web giants. I am alarmed by the fact that they do not play by the same rules as Canadian companies and don’t pay their fair share.
The CRTC has never regulated online platforms that compete unfairly with our local businesses. As a result of this unfair competition, our cultural businesses have less revenue and thousands of workers are left in precarious situations. 
C-10 has the potential to re-establish a level playing field between the web giants and our local companies who contribute to the flourishing of our media and cultural industries and who do abide by the CRTC’s rules. The NDP is fighting to close loopholes that these large corporations take advantage of.
Furthermore, we will be pressing the Liberals to ensure that CRTC regulations are fair while protecting the fundamental principles of free speech. We will always stand up for freedom of expression and we will ensure that this bill moves forward without loopholes classifying individual users of social media services as broadcasters.
There are over 100 proposed amendments to Bill C-10. Until there is a final bill in front of the NDP that holds the web giants to account while assuring Canadians of their freedom of speech, we will not commit to support the bill.
Gord Johns, M.P.
Posted in Advocacy.