Governance and Relationship Building: The power of stories

NWLF Conference September 2022

In March of this year, BC public library trustees and library directors were asked for their input and direction for developing a series of workshops across the province on building and strengthening BC public library relationships with local municipal, regional, and First Nation governments.

Based on that input, and specifically the input from the NWLF region, BCLTA is pleased to join the NWLF Conference with the workshop, Governance and Relationship Building: The power of stories

Saturday, September 17, 2022

10AM to 3PM (lunch noon to 1PM)

This workshop is for everyone (trustees, staff, library directors) interested in strengthening their library’s relationship with local municipal, regional, and First Nation governments. No matter where you or your library are in relationship building, this conversation and activity-based workshop is an opportunity for sharing insights, practical tips, and for taking your relationship building further.

Carolina de Ryk, Prince Rupert Public Library Trustee and host of CBC’s Daybreak North will join us to talk about the CBC storytelling project Ga amhaw wil ‘nat’ata Ts’mysen – Sharing Northcoast Indigenous Stories that took place in partnership with the Prince Rupert Public Library and the importance of storytelling to bring people together.

In this workshop we will:

  • Explore relationship building as a governance and leadership responsibility through the lens of role clarity (board, library director, and staff responsibilities) and trust (fiduciary responsibility, transparency, and accountability)
  • Examine the difference between and the alignment of governance relationships and operational partnerships
  • Describe the desired impact of strengthening these relationships
  • Build confidence through storytelling and story-listening where everyone has a role (creators, listeners, and tellers)
  • Explore the evidence for and the growing governance practice of trust, empathy, and shared understanding as the super glue of governance relationship building
  • Share experiences of what is working and what could be different
  • Develop a map, specific to your library’s needs, for next steps in relationship building with local municipal, regional, and First Nation governments

In our discussions and activities, we will build on strengths, discover common ground, and celebrate differences. Every public library is part of a unique community and has its own stories. Come join us with yours.

BCLTA gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.


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