We encourage everyone on your board to sign up for this quick monthly review of BCLTA updates, trustee stories, and board resources.

Subscribing to the Bulletin is easy. It can be done by opening one of the Bulletin links below and clicking on “subscribe” in the upper left corner or by emailing the BCLTA ED at execdir@bclta.ca with the request to subscribe.

We have updated our approach and format and will be adjusting the Bulletin with your feedback and input.

The Bulletin regularly includes:

  • BCLTA Board News
  • BC Public Library Partners Updates
  • Board Work – a section for highlighting governance trends, challenges, and practices and trustee recommended resources.
  • BCLTA governance resources such as TOP and Board Discussion Starters
  • Proud Trustee section – brief stories, photos and links to what makes you a proud trustee

Please send Bulletin submissions (brief stories, tips, news, photos and links) and Classifieds to Babs at execdir@bclta.ca.