Presentations & Conferences

Due to COVID-19 the BCLTA April 2020 Forum on Governance and Intellectual Freedom was cancelled. We look forward to when the trustee community can meet together in person again. Please join us for our online workshops and virtual Trustee Meet-ups. Subscribe to the Bulletin for ongoing BCLTA updates.

BC Public Libraries Summit, May 11, 2019

BC Public Libraries Summit Value and Investment Report

Summary of posters and responses

BC Libraries Conference, May 10, 2019

Financial Oversight & Advocacy. Mike Gagel, Board Chair, Prince George Public Library. (large file, opens in Dropbox)

The Local Government Context and Public Library Strategies. Alison McNeil, Program Chair & Instructor, Local Government Programs, Capilano University. (large file, opens in Dropbox)

BC Libraries Conference May 9, 2018

Talking Public Library Governance: The board and library director relationship you really want but are too busy to ask for.

May 12, 2018 BCLA session notes.

Session worksheet.

Financial Oversight and Financial Management for BC Public Library Boards.

  • May 11, 2018, Susan Koch (Richmond Public Library Board Chair) very well received and asked for slides. pdf

BCLTA 2017 Conference Trustee Roundtable

Influencing Today, Shaping Tomorrow: notes

BCLTA 2017 Conference PowerPoint presentation, The Library Board of the future…Being Resourceful When Resources are Limited: A trip to Tumbler Ridge

  • This PowerPoint presentation by Jerrilyn Schembri is an example of storytelling the libraries impact on and connection with the community.