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Friends of the Library Info Needed!

From the November Bulletin

  • Our public library board is seeking information about how to start and support a Friends of the Library.
  • We are interested in board policy examples, how the library supports the operations of the FoL (meeting space other resources) and what your FoL accomplishes for the library.

Regarding Friends of the Library Info Needed!

Fraser Valley Regional Library

FVRL Friends of the Library members are influential contributors to the quality of life in their communities. For example:

Friends recognize that libraries are vital community destinations and resources for literacy, recreation, informed decision making, and social interaction.

Friends build goodwill and mutually beneficial relationships between the public and Fraser Valley Regional Library. Read more …

Nelson Public Library

Prince George Public Library

Friends of the Vancouver Public Library

  • Who they are, their mandate, and what they do for raising funds for VPL.

Ontario Library Association Friends Committee

  • Includes Ontario definition of Friends of the Library and that OLA is in the process of forming this provincial association.

Staff Evaluation of Library Director Info Needed!

From the October Bulletin.

Our public library board is seeking templates, wise practices, and resources regarding staff lead evaluations.

  • Please send to
  • All information will be made anonymous and shared out in the Classifieds section of the website.
  • Indicate in your email if if you would be willing to have your email shared with the requesting trustee for further confidential discussion.

Regarding Staff Evaluation of Library Director Info Needed!

Short Takes for Trustees: Evaluating the Library Director

  • From the United for Libraries, the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations (American Library Association), November 2014.

360 Feedback: See the Good the Bad and the Ugly 

  • From, written by Susan M. Heathfield, updated November 1, 2018.

The Fatal Flaw with 360 Surveys

From, written by Marcus Buckingham, October, 2011.

20 Essential Employee Engagement Survey Questions

  • From, written by Sabrina Son, May 2017.
  • An engagement survey as a positive forward looking approach for getting staff feedback might be appealing. This piece on pulse surveys is a quick overview and is quite similar to what public libraries are doing across Canada and the US. While staff engagement surveys are not without downsides (there is risk to everything) they provide an opportunity for staff to be heard (particularly if they see positive change as a result) and can be used over time to get a measurement on the overall well-being and culture of the organization. They also tell a board a lot about the experience of working at the library without specifically asking staff to provide feedback on their manager.