Virtual Board Meeting Tips

BCLTA meets remotely through conference calls or virtual meeting rooms, such as through Zoom, for board meetings and other BCLTA business.

We know that building board connections and engagement, and managing the mechanics of a remote access board meeting, can be challenging.

We also know that with some smart pointers and practice that the benefits of keeping in touch and purposefully continuing with building the governance team outweigh the challenges.

Land Acknowledgements (Xwi7xwa – Distance Research)

Thorough resource that includes:

  • What is a Land Acknowledgement?
  • Virtual Land Acknowledgement 
  • Creating a Land Acknowledgement 
  • Metis Land Acknowledgements

5 Expert Tips for Productive Virtual Meetings

  • Margaret H. Greenberg, Verizon, March 13, 2020

The tips:
1. Start with something positive.
2. Play your whole team.
3. Make “being present” mandatory.
4. Meet regularly.
5. Practice the “peak-end rule”.

Working from Home? Here’s how to run a really great virtual meeting. 

  • Simon Brandon, World Economic Forum, March 20, 2020

Summary from the article:

  • Ensure everyone understands how to use the technology.
  • Absent the usual social cues, those running meetings must be careful to include everyone – and to limit speechifying.
  • Encourage participants to give a quick tour of their surroundings.
  • Icebreakers and introductions are important for fostering inclusivity and communication.
  • Keep attendees – and meeting length – to an absolute minimum.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Meetings in 2020

  • Deanna deBara, Slack, January 2, 2020

Key points include:

  • Add “water cooler time” for socializing.
  • Mute phones and microphones when not speaking to eliminate annoying and distracting background noise.
  • Include time for introductions of everyone who is at the meeting.

Virtual Meetings for Clarity and Momentum

  • Co-Creative, N.D.

This excellent resource is succinct, applicable to library board meetings, and flexible for using what best suits the diverse needs of the board to encourage ongoing board meeting development. We really like this one!


  • 6 Guidelines for Virtual Meetings
  • Real Agreements for Virtual Meetings
  • 10 Practices for Virtual Meetings
  • Favorite Technologies
  • Suggestions for Different Group Sizes

Virtual Meetings Untangled

  • BoardSource, 2016
  • Free downloadable pdf

A Video Conference Call in Real Life

  • Tripp and Tyler, November 17, 2015

You may have seen this already. We all need to see it again.

Trustees carefully consider your options for continuing to engage with the public and for ensuring transparency and accessibility during this time of physical distancing. How public library boards govern is equally important to what they govern. 

 For those using Zoom and other platforms, remember to be security wise. 

Use Zoom? Here are 7 Essential Steps You Can Take to Secure it. 

  • Forbes, April 4, 2020. 
  • Kate O’Flaherty, Senior Contributor

The 7 Steps

  1. Keep up to date
  2. Use passwords to protect your meeting and never share your meeting ID
  3. Share the password securely
  4. Use waiting rooms
  5. Manage participants
  6. Take control of your privacy
  7. Beware of phishing

Zoom Video Conferencing

  • IT Services, UBC, n.d.

While written to support UBC instructors in using Zoom, the security tips apply for other virtual meetings.  The following is from their section on privacy:

Zoom stores personal information on servers outside Canada. Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), it is acceptable to use Zoom provided that you use the following guidance:

Cyber Security Today: More COVID-19 scams, beware of Zoom and video conference hijacking, a Win10 update for VPN users, and more. 

  • IT World Canada, Howard Solomon, April 1, 2020

How to Participate in a Zoom MeetingUsing the “Attendee Controls”

  • Accessed September 17, 2020 through Goucher College