The British Columbia Library Trustees Association (BCLTA), founded in 1977, is a not-for-profit society and a registered charity. This status positions BCLTA as a unique and valuable membership-driven service in the BC public library community. As the professional association of the boards governing public libraries across British Columbia, the purpose of BCLTA is to support and represent BC’s public library boards.

BCLTA is committed to supporting boards and trustees with common issues of common concern and to representing the shared provincial interests of public library boards.

BCLTA executes its purpose through:

  • Representing trustees. We amplify the voices of trustees and bring public library board needs to provincial, strategic, and partner initiatives. We ensure that the governance of public libraries (all types from across the province) is integral to all discussions for advancing the development of public libraries across the province.
  • Supporting trustees to engage with board development. We support effective public library governance. We do this by expanding the reach of trustee orientation and board development resources; by convening provincial discussions and meetings; and by connecting trustees with trustees for peer networking.
  • Connecting with all trustees. We are the recognized representatives of public library trustees to the provincial government, to other provincial organizations, and to other library associations across the country. We are committed to knowing the trustees and boards we represent.


Since 1977, BCLTA has been convening, supporting, and representing trustees who govern public libraries of all shapes and sizes across BC. We have morphed and evolved as the needs of trustees and the resources of BCLTA have changed.

The BCLTA Convictions were developed by the BCLTA Board of Directors over the fall of 2018 to convey the cultural shift of BCLTA and the unique value proposition of the association.

BCLTA Convictions
Approved by the BCLTA Board of Directors, November 20, 2018