BC Public Library Partners

The BC Public Library Partners are:

  • BC Library Trustees Association (BCLTA)
  • Association of BC Public Library Directors (ABCPLD)
  • BC Library Association (BCLA)
  • BC Libraries Cooperative (BCLC)

The BC Public Library Partners (Partners) work together to:

  1. Increase awareness of the positive impact of BC public libraries
  2. Influence provincial public policy and funding impacting libraries and their communities.

As well the Partner organizations collaborate on projects such as the updating of the Trustee Orientation Program, developing and hosting sessions at the BC Libraries Conference, and providing advisement to the Libraries Branch through the Ministry of Education’s Public Library Advisory Group.

BC Public Library Partners Communications

March 2019 Partners Greetings  to the BC Mayors’ Caucus

January 2019 Partners Update

October 2018 Partners Update