The BCLTA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 2024 AGM will be held on April 24, in-person at the BCLA Conference (Vancouver) or via Zoom starting at 7:00PM Pacific Time.

The BCLTA is calling an AGM at this time to:

  • Connect with members, share association business updates, and strengthen the impact of the association with and for the membership
  • Elect new BCLTA Board of Directors
  • Recognize outstanding members with the Nancy Bennett Governance Merit Award and the BCLTA Trustee Excellence Award

All members are invited to participate in the AGM. Library directors and sectoral partners are welcome to attend as guests.

AGM Agenda

Supporting documents to follow by email, one week before the AGM, please RSVP to receive it.

Call to Order
Review of Voting
Announcement of Quorum
Approval2024 AGM Agenda
2023 AGM Minutes
ReportsPresident’s Report
Executive Director’s Report
Treasurer’s Report and Financial Summary
New AppointmentsRecognition of Departing Board Members
Nomination Committee Report
Board Election
New BusinessResolutions
Other Business
Final remarks

 Join the BCLTA Board

BCLTA is seeking for active trustees to join our Board of Directors team. Trustees with a special interest in policy making, financial oversight, and advancing the strategic direction of BCLTA are encouraged to apply.

The BCLTA Board is comprised of 3 to 9 Directors. The BCLTA Board holds its first meeting immediately, or as soon as possible, after the AGM to elect a Board President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. Director terms of office are 2 years.

There are up to 7 Director positions for election at the 2024 AGM. 

Please refer to the 2024 Board Information and Application Form or contact Vea Coronado for more information.

Application and Nomination Process

  1. Nominees may submit their application on or before March 16. Fill out one of the following:
  2. The BCLTA Board will conduct a one-on-one informal interview process throughout March
  3. The BCLTA will confirm the nomination with the nominee on or before March 24, and a bio will be requested at this time
  4. The nominations will be put to a vote at the BCLTA AGM held on April 24
  5. For additional information, please reach out to Vea Coronado, BCLTA Executive Director, vea.coronado@bclta.ca


Submit special resolutions by March 16. Submitted resolutions will be posted on the BCLTA website by March 24.

Please refer to the BCLTA Constitution and Bylaws. We suggest the ALA as a resource for the Resolutions Format.

Please include the following information when submitting a resolution:

Attn: BCLTA Board, Re: 2024 AGM – Resolutions

  1. Resolution Title
  2. Reason for Resolution
  3. Any known impact, risk, or fiscal and policy implications
  4. Resolution history – if any
  5. The Resolution:
    • Proposal – the ‘Whereas’ clauses
    • Resolution or Action – the ‘Resolved’ lines

Moved by

  • Name
  • Name of public library board
  • Telephone
  • Email

Seconded by

  • Name
  • Name of public library board name
  • Telephone
  • Email