BCLTA Governance Workshops

We are now offering online workshops!

With a one-time grant from the Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education, we are able to offer these workshops to member trustees and library directors for a $25 registration fee. These workshops are best suited for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants.

These workshops will be using Zoom and participants are asked, where possible, to use the video function and a device that has full screen and keyboard capabilities (not a phone).

In response to membership requests the territorial acknowledgements for BCLTA Governance Workshops and Trustee Meet-ups used by Babs Kelly, the BCLTA Director for Learning and Development, can be found here.

Due to the high interest in BCLTA workshops, if you register but don’t show up we will still need to charge you the workshop fee.

1. Governance Big Picture: Overview of BC public library governance (a.k.a. I’m a trustee, now what?)

  • This workshop is a high level overview of public library governance including the provincial context, public library and governance trends and issues, the role of the board in strategic direction and oversight, and demystifying fiduciary responsibility and duty of care.  
  • Facilitated by Babs Kelly
  • Next sessions to be scheduled in February and March of 2021

2. Chairing and Leading: The mechanics

  • This workshop is for board chairs, those who want to be board chairs, and library directors
  • Workshop content includes transparent and accountable board communications, working with the library director, building agendas, rules of order, leading strategic and oversight discussions, and meeting follow-up.
  • Facilitated by Babs Kelly
  • Next session will be in early 2021, unless otherwise requested

3. Chairing and Leading: The art

Monday, October 26th, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

  • This workshop is for board chairs, those who want to be board chairs, and library directors
  • Workshop content includes engaging and serving the board, building a trust-based team, leading generative discussions, and addressing challenges.
  • Facilitated by Babs Kelly
  • The workshop is full!

4. Governance Big Picture: The effective board and role clarity

Monday, November 9th, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

  • Workshop content includes defining and supporting board and library director role clarity, the traits of a highly functioning governance team, and trust as the foundation for effective governance.
  • Facilitated by Babs Kelly
  • Registration opens Monday, October 26th

BCLTA Customized Workshops

We also offer online customized governance workshops. Babs Kelly will work with you to develop a workshop that builds on topics in our Governance Workbook and is specific to your governance needs. Online customized workshop fees start at $50 per participant for a 2 hour workshop.

Please email Babs Kelly with any questions about workshops or to start planning your customized workshop. 

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Education.

Special Guests Workshops

BCLTA is working with experienced facilitators and subject experts to bring more workshops to our members.

Enhancing Board Relationships and Decision Making with Daneve McAffer

Daneve McAffer, Invermere Public Library Board Chair is an experienced facilitator with team and organizational development is bringing two workshops to the BCLTA members. The workshops will focus on the different strengths of board members and the value of shared leadership. Working with Daneve participants will identify strengths and ways of working with others to understand their strengths. These are fun interactive workshops where personal choice to share is respected, 
Workshop I: Understanding your Strengths
Learnings and desired outcomes include:

  • Iceberg to identify work, people and self skills
  • Identify Core and Supportive Strengths
  • Range of Emotional Expression
  • Patterns of strengths: one to eight
  • Understanding yours and others core tendencies and strengths
  • Identifying the value of all strengths

Workshop Details

  • Date: Saturday, November 14th 
  • Time:  10am to noon
  • Fee: $25 per participant
  • Register here

Workshop 2: Engagement of strength patterns to enhance board collaboration

Learnings and desired outcomes include:

  • Problem solving and collaborative decision making
  • Active Listening
  • Communicating with the opposite strengths
  • Flexibility and using your supporting strengths
  • Applying your strengths to enhance board performance
  • Shared Leadership

Workshop Details

  • Date: Saturday, November 28th 
  • Time:  10am to noon
  • Fee: $25 per participant
  • Registration opens on October 28th

Anni Holtby will be bringing two new workshops to BCLTA in early 2021!

Annie is the Chair of Nelson Public Library, and past chair of Kootenay Library Federation. As Principal of Holtby Consulting she has assisted teams manage change within their organizations. She has adapted her advocacy approach and governance strategies to virtual facilitation. Anni is bringing two interactive workshops to BCLTA members to explore how Boards and partners can learn from each other while strengthening their relationships. 

Advocacy from the Heart
As trustees, we are involved with libraries because we care deeply and know what kind of changes are possible. Anni will lead you through an empathetic approach to use when meeting with funders and potential community stakeholders that is based on building relationships through gratitude, appreciations, and mutual aspirations. We will identify how we want to show up as a changemaker and why our ‘ask’ matters. Tap into resources that can be used in various ways, based on tried and true, evidence-based practices. Participants will leave with a planning template to adapt to their advocacy practices. Come prepared with a particular stakeholder or funder in mind. 

Learnings and desired outcomes include understanding:

  • Building trusting relationships is a long-term collaborative endeavor.
  • The benefits of approaching advocacy from stance of guidance, not persuasion.
  • Five guiding principles for successful advocacy.
  • Why an empathic approach matters to deepen conversations.
  • ‘Value Sandwich’ tool to link storytelling and your ‘ask’
  • A practical agenda to put into practice at your next meeting.
  • Practice interactive ways to engage with others on zoom (poll, word clouds, breakout rooms)

Workshop Details:

  • Saturday January 30, 2021
  • 10am to noon
  • $25 per participant
  • Registration opens on January 4th

Polarities – Not an Either/Or Decision
Polarity Mapping is an awesome tool to deal with dilemmas in decision making, strategic planning, feasibility studies, generative discussions for greater insight about key issues. When we see paradoxes not as problems to solve (as either/or) but recognize we need both, boards and staff can identify when they may have over focused on one area to the detriment of another. Examples are stability/change; leadership/governance. A polarity lens helps a diverse group to see more of the big-picture reality and to understand that paradoxes are opportunities to leverage for change.

Learnings and desired outcomes include:

  • Identify what is a polarity or dilemma
  • Learn how the paradox cycles from one polarity to the other over time
  • Identify behaviors to shift the focus back where needed for change
  • Practice using a mapping exercise to describe a paradox within the library governance setting.
  • Use of ‘think-pair-share’ activity using zoom breakout rooms for brainstorming and consensus building. 
  • Use of ‘stickies’ online for collaborative discussions and decision making.

Workshop Details:

  • Saturday February 27, 2021
  • 10am to noon
  • $25 per participant
  • Registration opens on January 27th

In the fall of 2020 Andy Ackerman, Principal, Myriad Consulting, through BCLTA, offered sessions on transitioning from a PLA to a municipal library and on the steps for moving towards a new library or significant renovations. These workshops were very popular; please let Babs Kelly know of any interest in holding these workshops again in the spring of 2021.

At this time BCLTA facilitators are not travelling to deliver workshops. We look forward to visiting your communities in the near future. Review information about our in-person workshops and the planned 2020 Pilot Project here


BCLTA Governance Workbook  (January 2020)

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