Trustees Volunteer Hours Tracking Campaign

Public Library Trustees:
Making a difference in BC’s communities 1 hour at a time

The tracking form has closed and the report is in process! 

We know that BC’s public library trustees are making a difference in BC’s communities by volunteering with the public library board and with other organizations.

We want to share the value and importance of your volunteer work. We want others to know, particularly the provincial government, how public library trustees build BC communities one volunteer hour at a time.

To do this, we are asking trustees to track their volunteer hours (board work, coaching, community events, mentoring, etc) and to report the hours using this form.

The use of the form is on an honour basis. Please update your hours as frequently as you wish. This may be as the hours take place, weekly, or monthly. If possible, don’t leave us waiting until December as we need the momentum and inspiration that your tracking provides!

We will provide updates on the tracking in the monthly Bulletin. In January of 2021 we will deliver a report to the provincial government regarding the value of public library trustees as volunteer community builders and the difference this makes to community well-being and resiliency across BC.

This campaign was inspired by, and with approval borrowed from, the LGMA campaign “100,000 Hours“.

If you have any questions about this campaign, please email Babs at

Tracking form: Public Library Trustees: Making a difference in BC’s communities 1 hour at a time