Activity 1: Public Library Connections and Relationships

Think of a typical organizational chart. Now draw a simple diagram using circles, boxes, arrows, lines (or whatever comes to mind) to show the board and public library’s connections and relationships internally and externally.

Start with:

  • the board
  • the library director
  • other staff
  • the staff union
  • the Public Library Branch
  • who you know or have connections to in the community and then keep asking “who else?” or ”who is missing?”.


Consider further additions that would strengthen your board’s understanding of the role of the public library and role of the board in the community:


  • local First Nations
  • local government
  • Friends of the Library
  • library foundation
  • key partners or other funders


This activity is meant to be exploratory and to generate thinking about organizational structure, accountability, transparency, relationship building, and roles and responsibilities.