BCLTA Governance Workbook: Using the Workbook

The workbook is reviewed and updated annually and is meant to be dynamic and flexible for your learning needs. There are items in this workbook that address common board practices, but not all are mandatory. For example, some public library boards are involved in fund development but this is not a requirement in the Library Act for public library boards.

If you are using this workbook for a BCLTA facilitated workshop, your facilitator may decide to use different exercises or to spend more time on a certain section based on knowing in advance the needs of the group.

If you are using this workbook on your own or as part of a governance team exercise, we encourage you to use this as a guide for the discussions and subsequent actions that your board needs and to also consult with your library director and the resources available through the BCLTA website.

The ongoing improvements to the workshops and to the workbook will benefit from your input.

Please share your experience, feedback, and any business-case scenarios or activities with BCLTA by emailing Babs Kelly, the BCLTA Director for Learning and Development at babs.kelly@bclta.ca so that  your input may be included in the workbook updates.