BCLTA Discussion Starters

The Discussion Starters are undergoing a change, starting with the BCLTA Discussion Starters: Intellectual Freedom. New and updated Discussion Starters are posted as pdfs, are made available under Creative Commons liscence, and include scenarios informed by actual board situatations.

Discussion Starters are mini-packages of research, media, and other resources for supporting board work and development. This is an ongoing initiative with regular updates and additions. Contact BCLTA to add your resources, templates, or policies to any of the Discussion Starters.

Board Development and EvaluationWord Document

Board Expenses / Word Document

Board Recruitment and Succession Planning / Word Document

Chairing the Board / Word Document

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity / Word Document

Financial Oversight / Word Document

Intellectual Freedom

Reconciliation /Word Document

Climate Crisis – Winter 2020

Supporting the Library Director – Spring 2020

Let us know what Discussion Starter topics you want to see!