Activity 8: Strategic Planning

This activity is for prompting discussion about the purpose of strategic planning. The discussion is meant to be exploratory, to generate thinking, and to be ongoing with your public library board.

  1. Watch the video and discuss the “why” of your public library:

2. As a group discuss the library’s vision, mission, and values.

  • How do the vision, mission and values guide board work?  Discuss with concrete examples.
  • What is memorable about the library’s vision, mission, and values? Why is this memorable?

Please note that the video for this activity has been chosen for its well articulated focus on the “why” despite its use of outdated examples and language. Babs Kelly (Director for BCLTA Learning and Development) is searching for an additional resource for this section that better reflects the work that BC public library boards are doing in regards to inclusion and reconciliation. Please contact Babs if you have a resource to suggest.